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Whether you work in the medical, pharmaceutical, health care or financial sector, it is imperative that you are able to communicate effectively. Failure to communicate properly can lead to missed business opportunities, expensive delays and unproductive working relationships. At Sino Interpreting, we will make sure your message gets across the right way.

We have years of experience interpreting Chinese to English and vice versa for businesses and public sectors, both in the UK and internationally. We provide a range of services including simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation and remote interpretation.

If you are looking for Mandarin interpreting and Chinese translation translation, get in touch, to find out what we can do for you.

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Mandarin Interpreting and Mandarin Translation in London and Worldwide





Facilitating Dialogue World Wide For Over 9 Years,
For A Diverse Range Of Sectors Including Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Finance And The Tech Industry



 Accurate And Professional English And Mandarin Translation

Our translators and interpreters are all language experts and have first hand, invaluable cultural and business knowledge from a wide range of sectors including health care, finance and tech in China, UK and rest of Europe.




English and Mandarin Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the perfect solution for large events where information has to be relayed quickly. Our specialists interpret swiftly and with excellent accuracy, so you will be able to communicate effectively at your conference, training programme or meeting.

English and Mandarin Consecutive Interpretation

This form of interpretation is normally reserved for small gatherings between a handful of people. The first party will speak, then pause allowing an interpreter to translate the message for the other party to the conversation.





English and Mandarin Remote Translating and Interpretation

Remote interpretation can be performed online or through the telephone. Remote interpretation can work for seminars, conferences and long distance meetings and also offers significant cost savings. 

We will supply you with a professional platform for your laptop or smart phone which can connect multiple participants from any location world wide.

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English and Mandarin Written Translation

In addition to Mandarin interpreting, we also offer Chinese simplified  translation for written materials including health care and the medical sector.

Working for Conferences and Delegations

At Sino Interpreting we regularly provide Mandarin interpreting for Anglo-Chinese business conferences and delegations.





English and Mandarin Interpretation for Business Training Programs

We can also assist universities and companies launching new products, technologies or strategies. Training programmes are an excellent method of communication and we can support you in the production of these materials.  For more information about Chinese translation and interpreting Mandarin, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.




Specialist Translation And Interpretation Services For:

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One of our central tenants is our professionalism. To be a good interpreter requires empathy, discretion and specialist knowledge. You can be sure that we possess all of these skills in abundance.

We have over 9 years of experience helping businesses, organisations and public bodies. We have only been able to continue for so long in the industry by committing ourselves to excellent customer service. You can be sure that whatever your requirements, we will be able to fulfil them.


The size of our company means that we have far fewer overheads than many of the larger companies. This means we can make significant cost savings, which we pass onto you. You will be surprised at just how competitive the cost of our services are.



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Chinese Health Care, Pharmaceutical And Business Conference Interpreter 



International Interpreting And Translation Services

Sino Interpreting is based in Wiltshire, but our reach spans much further than this. We are able to work anywhere in the United Kingdom and the world. Wherever you are based, if you need reliable Mandarin interpreting and Chinese simplified translation for business and health care, get in touch for a quick consultation.

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