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English and Mandarin Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting provides an immediate oral translation which is normally provided through an earpiece or headphone. This variation of interpretation is often utilised at large conferences, delegations and meetings. The interpreter will often be housed in a separate room, and so a large amount of equipment is required including headsets, microphones and a sound-controlled environment. Simultaneous interpretation requires extensive experience as the interpreter will need to memorise what the speaker is saying before translating it rapidly into another language. Rest assured, our interpreters possess the right skills to ensure that you can speak freely and without restraint.

Simultaneous interpreting is ideal for:

  • Speeches
  • Business Meetings
  • Conferences

  • Delegations
  • Presentations
  • Tradeshows


English and Mandarin Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpreting is normally reserved for more intimate affairs. It involves the speaker pausing every so often, so that the interpreter can translate what has been said. The interpreter will need to be in the same room as the speakers, as such, they can follow the conversation and provide clarification if any misunderstandings arise. If you require a consecutive interpreter, you need someone who has specialist knowledge and is also aware of local customs and etiquette. As experienced interpreters for both UK and Chinese companies, this is something that is reflected in our services.

Consecutive Interpreting is commonly used for:

  • Interviews
  • Business Meetings

  • Dinners and social functions
  • Medical Meetings



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English and Mandarin Interpretation for Training Programmes

Should you need assistance translating materials for training purposes, this is another service that we offer. Our specialisations in medicine, pharmaceuticals, finance and health care mean that we can ensure that your materials are understood perfectly. For more information about Chinese simplified translation and Mandarin interpreting, please get in touch.




Reasons Your Your Business Needs A Mandarin Translation Service

Mandarin is the most widely-used language on the planet with well over a billion speakers world wide. Mandarin translation is the primary language of China, Singapore and Taiwan, and is rapidly becoming an essential language for businesses that are looking to expand on to the worlds stage.


English and Mandarin Remote Translating and Interpretation

Should you need simultaneous interpreting for an audience in multiple locations, then remote interpreting is the answer. All that is required is that your speakers and listeners have a laptop or smartphone with which to listen. An interpreter will translate what is being said and your listeners will receive an immediate translation. So long as you have a secure and reliable internet connection remote interpreting is a highly effective variation which offers excellent value for money, as there is no need to pay for your interpreter to visit your site.

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English and Mandarin Written Translation

We can also offer translation services for Mandarin and English documents. We regularly translate all kinds of documents including training manuals, brochures and websites among many other things. We can turn around projects rapidly, simply let us know your deadline and we will have your documents ready within that timeframe. Our specialisations include medicine, pharmaceuticals and health care so you can have total confidence in our services.

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Services for Conferences and Delegations

We frequently work at delegations and conferences and we can provide a quick and accurate service for yours too. We offer both consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting which is appropriate for all kinds of events. If you require Mandarin translation and/or Mandarin interpreting, simply get in touch with us at Sino Interpreting. Tell us your requirements and we can find the right level of service for your event.

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