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 Mandarin Interpreting and Mandarin Translation in London and Worldwide


Our Company

Specialised in medicine, pharmaceutics and finance, Sino Interpreting was created more than nine years ago, and since then we have never lost sight of our mission, which is to provide impeccable Mandarin interpreting and Chinese simplified translation services. Without clear communication, governments and businesses would cease to operate properly, and we are proud of our work facilitating dialogue between organisation at all levels.

We understand that every situation is unique and we will tailor our services accordingly. Whether you require speed or discretion, we can provide the perfect solution for every occasion. We can adapt our service to every budget and project size, ensuring that your event is a total success.

We have only been able to continue for so long in this industry by committing ourselves to great customer service. If there is anything we can do to help you fulfil your objectives, we will endeavour to go the extra mile.







Interpretation And Translation Services

Contact Sino Interpreting to discuss your bespoke interpretation or translation needs for your business. We can arrange in person and remote services for you, where ever you are based across the world.

Providing An Intimate Service

Our Emphasis is customer relations focus. We go out of our way to get to know our clients, their industry and their products so that we can best present them professionally and with confidence.


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Working With Businesses Internationally To Facilitate Dialogue Professionally And Accurately 

At Sino Interpreting, our aim is to connect English and Mandarin speaking businesses either remotely through technology, or in a simultaneous or consecutive capacity at conferences, exhibitions, conferences, delegations and intimate meetings.



 Mandarin Interpreting and Mandarin Translation in London and Worldwide


We Know Your Industry

All of our Mandarin translators and Mandarin interpreters at Sino Interpreting have extensive experience in their respective industries. Every industry has their own jargon and technical terms, so it is imperative that translators have prior knowledge. Fortunately, our translators have all the knowledge to make communication accurate and effective.

Mandarin Interpreting and Mandarin Translation in London and Worldwide


We Deliver Projects

We understand just how important your materials and documents are. Delays cost time and money, and this will impact on your business. If we are translating files for you, you can rely on us to deliver your materials within the allocated time-frame.


 Mandarin Interpreting and Mandarin Translation in London and Worldwide


Accuracy is Critical

We check our translations for accuracy, clarity and fluency. We perform multiple quality assurance checks to ensure that that your material is written impeccably and meets the highest of standards - No matter the subject matter or industry we are working for.






“Just wanted to say that we were pleased with her work. She was very professional and worked hard each day. It was not the easiest job because she had very little time to prepare and I think she did well.”

Giuseppe D'Amico, Global Voices


“Junling Gao has been a great resource during the development and execution of our conference on board a cruise ship for Italy to Croatia. She is highly responsive, caring and works to the highest level possible. We are happy to have her superior interpreting skills available to our company and I would recommend Junling for any large technical interpreting projects.”

Dave Janse Van Rensburg, Global Media Desk


“Very personal interpreter!”


“I am very pleased to recommend Ms Junling Gao to your organisation as a competent linguist and professional interpreter. I have worked with Junling since 2015 on many occasions in London and European cities as fellow conference interpreters, including high profile conferences, technical training courses and seminars in sectors such as ITC, Medical/Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Chemicals. Modality of interpreting includes both simultaneous and consecutive modes.

She is calm, resourceful and she speaks distinctly at a steady pace with perfect English and Chinese pronunciation and intonation. She possesses specialist skills, and she is highly focused, able to perform under very challenging and demanding situations.

I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Cheng Ma, Fellow of Chartered Institute of Linguists,

member of AIIC